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This is not a website; it is a dictionary of relevant data regarding not just the soccer games but also of everything related to soccer betting. From daily predictions to team statistics and from tipsters to a comprehensive coverage for all popular soccer-betting markets, is a goldmine of information.
It chooses its football betting tipsters with care and due diligence so that when punters associate with this website, they can be offered exclusive, genuine, reliable and effective football betting tips.

How To Choose The Best Tipster?

All avid soccer fans seek to place bets on their favourite teams some time or the other. Thus, they have to seek the services of genuine tipsters to understand the probability of winning at betting events. To choose tipsters, punters should base their decision on three relevant factors:

  • Track record: While checking the performance of the tipster, punters should consider the following points:
    • A genuine punter always publishes the history of their wins and losses on the internet
    • All good betting tipsters explain their predictions and back them up with relevant statistics
    • Quality tipsters also display their performance review based on the number of tips offered, odds, winnings and hits, fails, Profit and yield% and pushes

Genuine and reliable tipsters will always display their weekly or monthly winning predictions and keep updating their performance table regularly. This would make it easy for the punter to select a good tipster.

  • Experience: Punters should also check on this criterion before finalising on a soccer-betting tipster. The more the experience the better will be the relevance of the tips and predictive probabilities offered. Two things that prove a tipster’s experience are its hit and profit percentages. If both are high then it indicates the experience of a good number of years. Since making result-oriented predictions can only come from a combination of experience and expertise, punters should also take the experience of the football betting tipsters into account before making the final selection.
  • Tournament specific specialisation: With so many different tournaments to cover, so many different stats to maintain and analyse, so many teams and players to contend with, one tipster can’t predict events at multiple soccer league matches. Thus, instead of aligning with one tipster for all soccer league predictions, to increase their chances of winning punters should concentrate on different tipsters with specialised experience and expertise in individual soccer leagues and tournaments.

Who Are The Best Tipsters Available On

The team of tipsters working at are not only experienced, but they also have the relevant specialised experience to predict events of different soccer leagues. While the top 5 tipsters keep changing on a weekly and monthly, people who are regular at the performance table and occupy any of the top 5 positions, include:

  • Porleifur Guofinnsson
  • Lewis Jacob
  • Spencer Jerry
  • Taylor Thorpe
  • Heribald Sackville

Choosing any of the above football betting tipsters ensures punters of a high probability of winning a bet. All the above-mentioned tipsters have very high hit and profit percentages. This is indicative of the huge experience that influences their predictions.

What Is is an online tipster platform well known for its accurate and exclusive predictions. They offer comprehensive betting predictions for all popular soccer leagues taking place around the world like Bundesliga, EPL, Serie A, Liga, Ligue 1 etc. The predictions offered are based on statistics, facts, team performance and calculations. Hence, they boast an accuracy of about 90%. With football betting predictions for over 50 soccer leagues available on this website, a punter will not have to go anywhere else. Thus, it is a one-stop-shop that fulfils all punter requirements effectively.

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